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South Texas Sight Fishing

Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Sight Fishing


Captain Justin Cooper     I     I     1-361-877-9644

 South Texas Duck Hunting Trips


What Is Provided:

  • Airboat ride to and from a Comfortable brushed blind. Grass hunting is an option and is available with comfortable marsh seats and is recomended when the ducks get blind shy.

  • Decoys  ( You will be hunting from a fresh spread of decoys.) not the same decoys left at the blind all season while they taxi customer after customer to the same blind to kill there Redheads. Each hunt will be scouted for birds and hunting locations will be where there are good numbers of ducks.






Each Hunter Should Bring…


  • Valid Texas Hunting License

  • Federal & State Duck Stamp

  • Camouflage Clothing appropriate for the Conditions

  • Waders and Rain Gear (Camoflauge if at all Possible)

  • Shotgun Shells  – Non-Toxic Steel Shot 2, 4 Recomended

  • Shotgun (20 Guage, or 12 Guage, Recomended)

  • Camera




            Duck Hunting Rates


Non-Guided Duck Hunts – $125 per person (2 person Minimum) Unguided hunters are responsible for knowing there ducks. If you dont know your ducks you need a guide.


Guided Duck Hunt – $175 per person (2 Person Minimum) Provide Bird Identification and calling


Extra Persons -   $ 175 each for the Duck Hunts and $ 275 each for Comb


Cast And Blast Combo – $275 per person (2 Person Minimum) Duck Hunting until around 10:00 and then fish the remainder of the day. Water and ice will be provided for the Combo. Lunch is available upon request for a added fee.



               About the Hunt


   I offer exceptional Duck Hunting on the Texas Coast Hunting from Matagorda Island to North Padre Island. Primary species include Pintail, Widgeon, Teal and Redheads, Gadwall, Bufflehead and Scaup.

   I spend a lot of time scouting for birds and keeping up with blinds to offer the customer the best bang for the buck.

   Duck Hunts Begin at legal shooting time and will end when either limits are reached or around 10:00 am for the morning hunt. Afternoon hunts will begin around 2:00 and then end around sunset.





















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