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South Texas Sight Fishing

Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Sight Fishing


Captain Justin Cooper     I     I     1-361-877-9644


Sight Fishing: The technique of Casting and Fishing when the fish are spotted first and then you are given the opertunity to catch that fish.

I Hunt Redfish! Come join the hunt and get addicted to this stlye of pursing fish in the Coastal Bays and Esturaries near Aransas Pass.

I offer you the chance to stalk and hunt redfish and trout without disturbing them in there natural environment. I will povide you with unforgettable trip on the water and the oppertunity to get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with fish. This is a Style of fishing that I am very passionate about and would love to share this experence with you.

Fly Fishing, Light Tackle Fishing with Spinning Reels, Live or Artificial Baits . I will not waste your day, I will work as hard as possible to provide you with an Angling experience  that will be unforgettable. Come and Join me and together  we will celebrate your sucess.

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