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South Texas Sight Fishing

Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Sight Fishing


Captain Justin Cooper     I     I     1-361-877-9644

Technical Poling Skiff  >>


We offer you the choice of Angling from a Shallow Poling Skiff while pursuing fish on the Bays and Flats.


We will set up the trip that you desire and you’ll be catching fish in no time!​

FLY FISHING >>      Fishing from the Poling Skiff you will not have to get out of the boat unless you desire to do so. While Fly Fishing you can fish from an Elevated Casting Platform that has a removable Stripping Basket to keep your Fly line at bay. For those not Comfortable with the Elevation, It can be removed to expose a Large Casting Deck that is more than adequate to complete a cast.


​BAIT FISHING >>     While Bait fishing live or artificial from the Poling Skiff you once again will not have to get out of the boat unless you so desire. Casting platform can be placed at your request. The Boat is equipped with a livewell to keep live bait on board at convenience.



These skiffs are a great tool in locating fish in backcountry waters and you choose to stay in the boat. Many fish can be caught without wade fishing althought wade fishing is available if desired.



     South Texas Sight Fishing was a goal of mine to promote this style of fishing to other anglers who have not experienced this thrill. There are only a select few Guides who offer this style of fishing in the area and while we cant guarantee that you will catch every fish that you see, you can rest assured that you will be presented with numerous oppurtunities to offer fish your presentation. 


Captain JustinCooper 

 >>> East Cape Canoe Gladesman


>>> For those days where the fish just go into the Skinny and want to hide. Come aboard the Gladesmen and Stalk fish in less than ankle deep Water.

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